Welcome to the Space Data team.

We’re part of the Space Planning Unit within the Infrastructure Division. Our primary purpose can be defined as implementing and maintaining space data systems to provide high quality, accurate and timely space data reporting to the organisation.This includes: responsibility for instituting policies, processes, guidelines and service level agreements in relation to space data and data management; ensuring continuous improvement of services, processes and systems; analysing and reporting on data and emerging trends; implementing and maintaining space data systems; and building relationships with stakeholders.

In a nutshell, we are at the nexus of space data systems, space data integrity and space data analysis. UniSpace is where we bring these elements together, ensuring that space data is readily accessible, as accurate as possible, and that space analysis and reporting are robust and relevant.

Our key deliverables are support and data provision to the space charging model, reporting to TEFMA, space analysis and reporting to the Group of 8, and benchmarking and space efficiency analysis against KPI targets.
You can read more about our work and see some of our output here on the UniSpace blog.