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The UniSpace Team has finished the data collection for the University wide Timetabled Teaching Space Audit.

On behalf of Infrastructure, thank you for your patience, assistance and cooperation during the audit last week.

During the Audit we achieved the following:

  • 4 Campuses (including AHMS) covered
  • 14 routes covered
  • 53 buildings visited
  • 400 rooms audited
  • each room was audited every hour on the hour from 8am until 6.00pm


Regards The UniSpace Team

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The UniSpace Team is conducting a University wide Timetabled Teaching Space Audit.

The audit of all Syllabus Plus timetabled teaching spaces on NorthTerrace, Roseworthy, Waite and AHMS campuses, will take place between Monday 20th March 2017 and Friday 24th March 2017. Each bookable room will be audited, with students counted every hour between 8am and 6pm each day.

As with previous audits, the data will be used to assist the University in determining the appropriate number and type of teaching spaces at each campus, as well as prioritising future teaching space upgrades.

All auditors will be carrying easily identifiable ID cards and will be as inconspicuous as possible to avoid disrupting classes.

Attached is additional information about the Audit in the form of FAQs and a list of rooms to be audited on NorthTerrace, Roseworthy, Waite and AHMS campuses.

2017 Audit Routes

Teaching Space Audit_2017_FAQ

Please contact the UniSpace team if you have any questions.


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The UniSpace Team are taking the Dashboard “ON THE ROAD” in 2017.

Do you and your team need:

  • see the Dashboard, the “one stop shop for all Space related information”?
  • to view the UniSpace Applications?
  • access to Apps but dont know which ones suit you?
  • a demonstration on how these products are used?
  • to be part of the UniSpace Community?


If you have answered YES to any of these question, the UniSpace can visit you as part of our “UniSpace Road Show”.

Contact Us if you would like more information or to have the “UniSpace Road Show” stop by and collaborate with you and your team.

UniSpace - Dashboard descriptive graphic

As a sneak preview, click here to view our UniSpace Infographic.

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The UniSpace Team are happy to announce enhanced functionality to the UniSpace Applications: UniSpace Interactive Maps Within the Site Plan view: Now includes a Footprint button, this will open a ‘footprint’ panel on the left panel, where users can search for School / Division space in buildings from the site view. Within the Floor Plan […]

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The 2017 Organisational Structure for space charging is now available to view in UniSpace. This captures the following: New Health & Medical Sciences structure Recent changes to School/Branch nomenclature. CTAs have now been broken into two separate groups – those in use, and those that have been closed. A new group for ‘University of Adelaide College […]

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The UniSpace Team would like to thank you for your patience through the System Outage. For detail on the enhancements to the UniSpace Applications, [click here]   The UniSpace Team are planning a Systems Outage for Tuesday 20th December at 5.00pm. Please be advised there will be a temporary loss in functionality for the following […]

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The UniSpace Team update and the maintain RUIS Space Utilisation application on the Dashboard. RUIS can report on the most recent utilisation of teaching spaces. You can tailor your reports to include some or all of the spaces. You can also choose different weeks, different room types for your reporting. Training is available from the […]

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In the world of architecture, space planning, leasing and UniSpace, we use many area types as metrics. Here are a few of our “areas” that measure our buildings. UFA – usable floor area – The sum of the floor areas measured at floor level from the general inside face of walls of all interior spaces […]

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The UniSpace Team were proud to represent The University of Adelaide at the recent Australian Financial Review in Melbourne. To be in consideration for the Higher Education Awards, alongside ground breaking programs, engagements, infrastructure and influential teams and individuals was an honour. The Facilities Innovation Award was won by Flinders University for their new Hub. […]

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Did you know in the last 2 weeks the UniSpace Team have archived: 25 O&M Manuals (Operation and Maintenance Manuals) 3 Building Specifications 365 Consultants Drawings You can now access all these documents on UniSpace Archives. Do you need archival material and don’t have access to UniSpace Archive? Can’t find what you are looking for […]

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