Glen Arthur, Dean of Innovation and Partnerships at University Senior College, has won the National ASG NEiTA (National Excellence in Teaching Awards) Founders’ Award for Excellence in not only teaching but also in Educational Leadership. Glen was awarded a trophy and scholarship in recognition of his achievements at the Melbourne State Library on Thursday 21 March.

The National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA) recognise the extraordinary, yet understated, contribution that teachers make to the lives of young people.  Glen initially was one of twenty-five national recipients, from a field of over two thousand nominations, of the State and Territory Awards in 2018 nominated by his students for his innovative and inspiring contribution to teaching.  This will be Glen’s second award in recent times, after also receiving one of three national NGS Scholarship Award in 2018 for his contributions to education, in particular, for his work in STEM.

With a career spanning over two decades, his contributions to education have always created great impact and left evidence of significant growth in organisations. He is held in high standing in the educational community for his contributions to curriculum, professional development, and teacher training. Glen has contributed to the SACE Board of South Australia in curriculum writing and development, moderation and assessment for the past decade and worked at the vanguard of SACE modernisation and innovative methodologies in teaching and learning.

Professor Martin Westwell, Chief Executive of the SACE Board of South Australia said

“In his classroom and his interactions with other educators Glen creates a culture of trust and inclusivity. Because of this culture and Glen’s deep understanding of education, people naturally turn to him for leadership. That is, students for whom Glen leads the learning or educators who look to him to challenge them for their own professional development. This is especially true when it comes to leading innovation. Glen has a strong reputation amongst his colleagues as a leading-edge thinker when it comes to the design of curriculum, classroom learning and assessment. I try and work with him whenever I can, especially if I have a project that I know will need to be driven by creativity.”

“Glen is a champion of learning – for his students, his peers, himself and other people with whom he interacts. He has the ability to take principles from research and best practice and put them into action in sophisticated ways, always with the needs of the learner in mind. With colleagues, he has that rare ability to be critical without being negative, and to respond positively to new ideas or alternative perspectives that others might have. Glen is also able to combine a deep intellectual understanding of teaching science with practice that draws students and colleagues into willingly doing hard thinking. I find “hard thinking” to be sign that real learning is occurring and when all students are doing it, it supports inclusion and equity of outcomes. This is a great strength of Glen’s.”

As a Chemistry teacher, Glen has led innovation through the effective implementation of digital technologies in classrooms, upskilling the digital fluency of teachers, designing innovative curricula for the implementation of year 10 students, and initiating University Senior College’s first STEM Maker Group at lunchtimes. Glen works across the sector in Science and STEM education as a member of the AIASSA taskforce. He is an active member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Chemical Education Division and is highly supportive of the South Australian Science Teachers Association in the delivery of professional development for teachers.

“Glen is an inspiration to the students with whom he comes into contact. Students thrive in his classes. He is totally committed to making the learning program as innovative and student centred as possible. He uses technology to enhance the learning, flipping lessons and recording lectures and podcasts, developing practicals which allow students to follow their preferred investigations. He tailors programs that exceed the expectations of the SACE, engage students, but most importantly inspire students to strive for improvement. He intrinsically motivates them. Glen’s interactions with students are always respectful. He listens intently and as a result understands students, and works with them as a teacher and mentor, supporting them in their learning and well-being.” Anita Zocchi, Principal, University Senior College

Glen has forged strong connections with many faculties at the University of Adelaide working in partnership with them. Glen has worked for the School of Education at the University of Adelaide over the past 6 years, contributing to the development of over 100 new graduates in Chemistry and Science teaching. Glen has supported many aspiring teachers in their trajectory through tertiary studies in science curriculum.  Professor Faye McCallum, Head of School, School of Education, University of Adelaide said:

Glen has worked for the University of Adelaide with final year pre-service teachers as they prepare for their final placements prior to graduation… Glen has engaged with colleagues in pursuit of continuous learning and development and to share his expertise with others. He is passionate about students in the classroom and this has easily transferred to pre-service teachers in initial teacher education. Not only is he concerned with their acquisition of knowledge and pedagogy to teach effective chemistry classes, he is also keenly aware of student wellbeing, engagement and loves the challenge of a new learning moment

Glen hopes to utilise the awards and scholarships to support his further study in education. Glen recognises the importance of teachers as active researchers in both informal and formal settings. He is passionate about generating critical and creative thinkers who can contribute effectively to society in a changing world. Glen has always maintained high expectations and integrity from his students to reach their potential and beyond, he also cares deeply about the wellbeing and happiness of the young people he teaches, contributing to annual conferences for Positive Education Schools Association (PESA).

Glen Arthur says of his own work:

I am truly dedicated to teaching. I throw myself whole heartedly into every aspect of education and its impact on young people. I am a colleague, a role model, a professional development provider, an author, a consultant, but most importantly a teacher. I have always had a commitment to raising the profile of our profession and establishing its status. I am changing education one student, one classroom and one educator at a time.”

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On Wednesday 27 March, 14 students and staff from University Senior College participated in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. Over $10,000 was raised, making this fundraiser the largest the school has ever participated in.

Thank you to the community for your generous donations. Well done to Nadia, Eleanor, Alex, Tom, Reuben and Jonah for shaving their heads, Helen for shaving half of her head, Bella for doing the big chop, and Corey, Carmen, Laura, Michelle and Ellie for colouring their hair.  We would also like to thank Emma Cottee and Verve Hairdressers Rose and John donated their time and services to assist with the USC Shave Day

A double significance for USC choosing  27 March for their ‘Shave Day’ as it marks the anniversary of Michael Doukas (class of 2008), who passed away in 2011 from Leukaemia.

More than 100,000 Australians are currently living with blood cancers and another 35 Australians are diagnosed every day. Sadly, an Australian will lose their life to the disease every 41 minutes.

Leukaemia Foundation CEO Bill Petch said support from schools and their students was integral to helping fund a future where blood cancer is no longer a death sentence in Australia.

“These students are extraordinary young Australians who are helping others less fortunate than themselves, while often making the sacrifice to lose their beloved locks. It shows enormous bravery, resilience and empathy to shave their heads in support of someone living with a blood cancer.” Mr Petch said.

“Schools are enormous supporters of World’s Greatest Shave in Australia and we thank all of the teachers, parents and students who support the campaign every year.”

Funds raised through World’s Greatest Shave is critical to help the Leukaemia Foundation continue to support all local families affected by blood cancer through advocating for equal access to new therapies and treatments as well as providing educational, emotional and practical support such as transport and accommodation, all at no cost.

Acer and Nvoke are proud to support the Schools Challenge in 2019. Australia’s highest 3 fundraising schools will share in more than $70,000 worth of technology and school learning program awards.

Donations are still being accepted via the USC team fundraising page:


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On Wednesday 6 March, USC students performed to a sold-out crowd for their performance in the Adelaide Fringe ‘USC Showcase’.

Directed by Lynn Jackson, USC Drama Teacher and supported by Dave Garwood, USC Music Teacher. It was a wonderful evening showcasing the talents of our students.

The evening was hosted Pele Kuipers, with Jonah Stewart tasked with Stage Manager Duties, performances included:

  • Faye Vlachos ”If I Ain’t Got You”, Alicia Keyes
  • Nick Wang “You and Me”, Yuki Matsui
  • Meg Pyecroft “Let’s Get It On”, Marvin Gaye
  • Millie Sandford “The World Turned While I Watched It” & “Move”, Original Poetry by Millie
  • Shaun Gunawardane “Perfect”,  Ed Sheeran
  • Emma Normington – Rhythmic Gymnastics demonstration, accompanied by “Stromae”
  • Luke Williams “Poker Face”, Lady Gaga.
  • Irini Saris “Stay” written by Ekko and Justin Parker, originally performed by Rihanna (accompanied by Dave Garwood)
  •  Hannah Wilkinson “The Heart Asks Pleasure First”, Michael Nyman
  •  Amber Washington “Something’s Got a Hold on Me”, Etta James
  •  Veronica Pene-Negrette – Original Dance Composition, Music – “7 Rings” Ariana Grande
  •  Isabella Chambers “La Vie en Rose”, Edith Piaf (accompanied by Dave Garwood)
  • Tim Rodrigues “Tarantella” by Albert Pieczonka, My Heart Will Go On by James Horner
  •  Harry Mill and Jeannie Day “Back To Black”, Amy Winehouse
  • Ruby Brown “Solidarity” (Poetry)
  • Amelia Hender “I’m Here”, From The Colour Purple, music and lyrics by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis and Stephen Bray (accompanied by Dave Garwood)
  •  Hannah Wilkinson and Breanna LiebeltMedley from “Legend of Zelda” adapted by Hannah and Breanna
  •  Donna Reynold, Stacie Casoyla and Emily Rattigan Original Mashup, using “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R and “Vanilla Sundae” by Emily Burns
  •  Faye Vlachos, Amelia Hender, Nick Wang, Michael Jacobsen, Dave Garwood “Man in the Mirror”, Michael Jackson

Thank you to both students and staff who volunteered their time to not only put the show together but ensured the evening ran smoothly. The USC community is lucky to have you.

The USC Showcase was also a fitting farewell to the Charles Street campus, which will be closed from tomorrow as new classes commence at the new Gawler Place campus on Tuesday next week.

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Today, English students were treated with a guest speaker, Russell Schrale – General Manager of Marketing, Fundraising and Relationships for Cancer Council SA. Russell has a wealth of information from previous marketing and leadership roles with Zoos South Australia, Oxfam and ZEN Home Energy Systems bestowing him with a combination of both commercial and not […]

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Students and staff from University Senior College, will banish their everyday hairdos and embrace a bald or colourful new look as they join forces to help beat blood cancer. The school will be raising funds for the annual World’s Greatest Shave, joining 20,000 Australians taking part in the much-loved campaign to help beat blood cancers like […]

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Seoan (Stephanie) Park has finished in the top 1% of the state by achieving an ATAR of 99.85. Stephanie has already secured a position in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Adelaide. Stephanie was also offered a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering via the USC’s Partner’s Pathway with the University […]

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USC Twin brothers Tyler & Riley Groome have both topped the state with their South Australian ATAR results, landing them both in the top 1% of the state. Riley secured an ATAR of 99.80 and Tyler secured an ATAR of 99.20. Riley also received merits in Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, and Physics in addition to […]

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Printed with approval from Ian Ng. Two years ago an old friend of mine, whose name isn’t worth mentioning once told me, “Don’t go to USC, it’s just a school for a bunch of try-hards and nerds.” It’s funny how wrong people can be sometimes. Today, I shake my head as I stand before the […]

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From the Principal Anita Zocchi 2018 has been another productive year at University Senior College. Staff and Council began the year by reflecting on education today and where it may lead in the future. As a consequence of that discussion, time was spent considering possible leadership structures for 2019 and beyond. As a result, a […]

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The Council continues to have high aspirations for USC and over the past 12 months has worked closely with Anita and her senior leadership team in making key strategic decisions to secure the future of the school in consolidating the recent trend of growth in school enrolments. In making these decisions, the Council have considered […]

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