USC Old Scholar Art Exhibition

USC Old Scholar Lauren Downton (nee Faith Nel) from the class of 2007 recently held her Art Exhibition at Cabin Fever, Sydney on Wednesday 22nd May.

Since graduating from USC, Lauren has flourished as a visual artist and owns a small business called ‘Sail and Swan’.
She’s a visual artist now, and owns a small business called Sail & Swan
Lauren says:

“Sail and Swan is a whimsical and beautiful collection of my art and design. It is a direct result of the passion and creative overflowing in my everyday life. I truly enjoy being able to draw and design for people. Putting their ideas and thoughts to paper and actualizing it into something that they truly LOVE. Capturing ‘who’ they are and expressing it in the best way possible. I know I have done my job when my work speaks for itself and inspires others”

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