USC Community Engagement

Three local, state and nationwide events bought members of the University Senior College (USC) community together during August and September.

Participating in events like the:

Teamwork, generosity, kindness, perseverance, gratitude, creativity, industry and energy were just some of the signature character strengths I saw in many of USC community members. (If you would like to explore your own character strengths, click on this link and complete the reputable survey).

Below I have included some student summaries of the three events.

World Vision 40 Hour Famine

Recently I have had the opportunity to participate in charity events which the College community has organised. One of these is the World Vision 40 Hour Famine. This year, ten students and teachers gave up privileges to assist World Vision achieve their goal of supporting villages in Malawi, Africa. Traditionally the Famine focussed on foregoing food, but has now broadened its scope, encouraging participants to give up other items they rely on. While the teachers went without food for 40 hours, many of the students took a more creative approach. Furniture, technology and transportation were among the mix, creating a unique range of famines for the College community.

So far we have raised around $400 and are seeking to reach a goal of $600 to assist those in need. If you are interested in donating to our College efforts please see the link below:

As little as $40 can feed a family of 6 for a month, so get on board and support real solutions. Rachael

Tshirt adds Nadia and Students

City to Bay Fun Run

Last Sunday on the 15th of October, 30 members of the USC community participated in the Sunday Mail City to Bay Fun Run. The event catered for a range of athletic abilities. Participants could choose to engage in a 6km walk or run, or go that bit further and choose to run or walk the entire 12kms. Earlier in the morning the weather seemed gloomy and unforgiving, but as soon as the runners took off, the weather unexpectedly turned into perfect conditions for a Sunday morning workout.

It was the first year that I have participated in the City to Bay and it was a fantastic experience to get active and socialise with other members from the USC community. If you’ve never done the City to Bay before, I strongly urge you to give it a go next year as it really is a lot of fun! Mandy

Quiz Night Participants

Red Cross Friday the 13th Quiz Night

On the evening of Friday the 13th, a quiz night was held at USC on behalf of the Red Cross. An investigation into fundraising and supporting the Red Cross formed the basis of my Stage 2 Research project. It was an awesome evening, with lots of prizes and competitiveness. We raised over $800 for the Red Cross. I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who assisted in making the evening such a success. I hope everyone had a great time! If you would like to make a donation to the Red Cross please click on this link. Ben


Nadia Lovett, Counsellor
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