Artist Meaghan Coles shares her techniques with USC students

In conjunction with the South Australian SALA festival the Year 11 art students worked with exciting portrait artist Meaghan Coles.

They enjoyed hearing about her journey as an artist and learnt some useful techniques to help them with their portraiture pieces.


Below are some comments from the students.


“Meaghan’s style was unique. I found it very interesting to hear about her life as an artist.”


“I learned a lot from Meaghan about how to mix colours. I created some new shades.”


“I enjoyed experimenting with colours to produce a background for my portrait.”


“It was good to try a different style of painting, something I don’t usually do. I was pleased that I had a go at something new.”


“It was interesting when she shared her journey with us.”


University Senior College Curriculum

Stage 1 Visual Art – Art

Stage 1 Visual Arts Studies – Visual Arts






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