R U OK?Day

R U OK?Day is Australia’s national day of action but any day’s a good day to ask “are you ok?” and have a meaningful conversation with friends, families, colleagues and anyone who might be struggling.

The facilities on the University of Adelaide North Terrace campus give our students and staff opportunities to get involved in a number activities that can improve mental health.

R U OK?Day – Thursday 10th September 2015


Table tennis and air hockey tables set up in the University of Adelaide student hub

Badminton set up on the Barr Smith Lawns


Cooking facilities, foosball and seating are some of the facilities available in the student hub. Located on the University of Adelaide campus, USC students have full acess

Today is national R U OK? day. A friendly reminder to check in with your loved ones, friends, families and colleague’s and ask the question or to just have a conversation.

You don’t need to be an expert, nor do you have to fix or solve someone’s problems. You just need to ask how they’re going; listen without judgement; encourage action; and follow up. Need more tips to start a conversation?


If they need some professional help you might like to suggest they contact:

  • a GP (University Health 83135050)

Wellbeing at University Senior College


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