USC Students volunteering their time for Children’s University during the school holidays




Year 11 students participating in the Children’s University Australia program volunteered their time at the Adelaide Gaol on Tuesday 29th September 2015 and at the University of Adelaide with the staff from Neuroscience in the School of Medicine on Thursday 1st October as part of the Term 3 School Holiday Program.


On Tuesday, the Adelaide Gaol in conjunction with staff from the Ancient Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD) at the University of Adelaide hosted a crime themed day for year 2 students from one of Children’s University disadvantaged schools. USC students assisted the students with dental patterns, finger printing and DNA matching followed by a guided tour in the afternoon.


In the morning, ACAD staff delivered a short lecture entitled Crime Scenes and Forensic Science which introduced students to the use of science by law enforcement that help solve crimes.  The lecture was followed up with a series of short practical activities that focussed on the importance of pattern matching.


After lunch, the students completed an activity trail around the Adelaide Gaol, answering questions as they learnt about one of the state’s most iconic buildings.


On Thursday, the University hosted students aged 7 to 14 with the assistance of staff from two distinct faculties.  In the morning, staff from the Neuroscience in the School of Medicine piloted a short program aimed at introducing students to the science of the brain.  Following their lunch break and USC student led tour of the University of Adelaide facilities, students worked together with staff from the History department on their successful ‘Firestories’ program.  The activities focussed on the use of fire through history, particularly the horror faced by European settlers when they came to Australia and experienced native bushfires.





Here is what some of our students had to say about their experiences volunteering for the Children’s University program.

“Volunteering for Children’s University allowed me to learn about interacting with children and how each and every child learns in a different way. The lecture on Forensic science was interactive for some children as they answered questions and looked attentive while others quite enjoyed the three activities as they received the chance to have fun while learning” – Ralitsa

“From the dendrites down to the axon terminals, the Children’s University Neuroscience Holiday Program was a success! It was exciting to witness such an eagerness to learn and participate, shared by all of the students. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to volunteer with Children’s University”. Lily


“The children’s university is a fantastic program that is very beneficial the children as well as the volunteers. It is great to see how the younger students feel inspired to do bigger and better things when they grow up after being in the program as well as having the opportunity to explore things that they have never heard of or seen before. I found the experience quite enjoyable and I felt very rewarded to see how the younger students get very excited and eager to do different things. This is an amazing thing to be a part of and I am very glad to be in it.” – Apeksa

“The opportunity to interact with the children on a more individual level was great learning experience. I really enjoyed showing a group around the Uni campus as children’s excitement and eagerness to discover new knowledge was infectious.” – Andrew


What is the Children’s University Passport to Volunteering?

The Passport to Volunteering is for students aged over 14 so they can gain recognition for their Children’s University volunteering activities, such as assisting in running Children’s University clubs or helping out at graduation ceremonies. This contribution is recognised by the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme as part of their award requirements, and can also be used to gain credit as part of a SACE Community Learning program or Integrated Topic.

For more information about USC’s involvement with Children’s University please contact:

Carmen Bishop
Director of Marketing & Community Relations
M: 0422 885 409

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