Class of 2015 SACE Results


University Senior College SACE Results 2015

USC Council and Staff extend their congratulations to every member of the Class of 2015 for their outstanding and well deserved SACE results.  Each and every student can feel very proud of their achievements.

The following three students each secured an ATAR of 99.85 and have been ranked on the basis of their scaled aggregate score:

Dux of School was Lyman Lin. Merits in Biology, English as a Second Language and Mathematical Studies

Proximae Accessit was Nathan Swincer.  Merits in Chemistry and Physics.

Olivia Bickle was placed third and secured Merits in Art, Classical Studies, History and Psychology.

There were a total of 42 A+ awarded across the cohort including 31 Merits in the following subjects:

  • Biology (4)
  • Chemistry (3)
  • Classical Studies (1)
  • Drama (1)
  • English Studies
  • English as a Second Language (2)
  • Mathematical Applications (6)
  • Maths Studies (3)
  • Modern History (2)
  • Physics (2)
  • Psychology (2)
  • Research Project (2)
  • Specialist Maths (1)
  • Visual Arts – Art (1)


A total of 68 students secured and ATAR above 90.

The following 14 Students secured an ATAR above 99.

  • Amelia Atkinson
  • Sophie Bach
  • Danial Bahudin
  • Olivia Bickle
  • James Earnshaw
  • Kate Langley
  • Lyman Lin
  • Alicia Pyper
  • Venetia Rigoni
  • Ahad Ismam Sabab
  • Nathan Swincer
  • Kira Wysoke
  • Shi Jye Yap
  • Chloe Zerna

These outstanding results are a consequence of diligence throughout the year and an aspiration to excellence. Well done!

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