USC Old Scholar Paying it Forward with Fashion

Fashion designer Ashlee Graham has created a stylish off-the-shoulder Loud Shirt Day top to raise funds for Cora Barclay Centre

Caoimhe from Pride Models gets into the spring feeling with help from Adelaide designer Ashlee Graham’s Loud Shirt Day design. Picture: Bianca De March

FASHION designer Ashlee Graham is turning up the volume on style for Loud Shirt Day.

She has created an off-the-shoulder Loud Shirt Day top in an orchid print to raise funds for the Cora Barclay Centre, which helps hearing-impaired children learn to listen and speak

The limited-edition style, which is made in South Australia, is designed to appeal to women who want to participate in Loud Shirt Day on Friday, October 21, and update their spring wardrobe.

“It’s loud enough for Loud Shirt Day but soft enough for every day,” said Ms Graham, who runs The Showroom in Adelaide Central Plaza.

The top, priced at $79.95, and a $29.95 Loud Shirt Day bow tie are available at The Showroom, a Renew Adelaide venture that stocks only SA designers’ products. Ten per cent of sales of the Loud Shirt Day fashion will go to the cause.

Ms Graham said the iChooseSA campaign – which encourages people to spend at local businesses – was a great initiative. “It’s what The Showroom is all about,” she said.


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