Women in Mathematics Workshop

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In the midst of hectic Year 12 schedules, five maths students joined a workshop hosted by the University of Adelaide Maths and Science faculty, targeting and encouraging women to pursue courses and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Alicia, Amy, Emilia, Tam and Sarah spent the day listening to Professors from the University of Adelaide and four university students currently undertaking Mathematics courses. The program also included hands on activities – working with fractals on computer software was particularly eye opening to the endless possibilities maths offers. We explored the various links to other courses, such as Biology, Chemistry, Finance and Economics, which shows that studying mathematics at a Year 12 level allows for numerous career opportunities.

We’d like to thank Yvonne Stokes for hosting this event, which has encouraged us all to study mathematics further, or solidified our interest in the field. It definitely was an excellent experience that we would highly recommend to future Year 12 students.

Alicia and Amy
Mathematics Students

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