The Year 12 Mock Trial (Mooting) Journey

University of Adelaide Moot Court

University of Adelaide Moot Court

Many of the Year 12 Legal Studies students have an ambition to study and work in law. One way to obtain an impression of what is involved is to engage in practical learning – the mock trial competition. To those students who wish to pursue a law and justice career, we introduce trial experience in the Year 12 Legal Studies program by entering the Law Society’s Mock Trial Competition for secondary schools. For others, it is good fun as well as being a valuable learning experience to participate.

Two rounds of this competition have been held with USC winning both their rounds. The first was conducted in the University of Adelaide Law School’s Moot Court and the other in the District Court. We have two awesome teams with one team preparing, the other on their pathway to competition success. In this way, the whole class participates. We currently sit on top of the leader board.

The students’ success comes from their keen interest and enthusiasm, and a preparedness to work up their strategy and scripts in great detail through their own time. Having asked the students about the value of their involvement, they talk about how much more they learn in an interactive exercise, how it compels them to get to know other students better and how they learn new skills relating to team work but most importantly, how it develops their confidence.

Some of this confidence also stems from the feedback of guest lecturers. University of Adelaide Law School lecturers are most generous in this regard. Through the course of the year, we invite them to undertake guest lectures in their specialty area, specifically the areas that align with the Year 12 course. As their teacher, the feedback I receive from Law School staff relates to how intellectually sharp and well prepared USC students are. The USC goal is to make their later transition into the law degree as seamless and stressfree as is possible and so hearing that in their current studies they are already well-prepared, is indeed good news.

Yvette Winter
Legal Studies Teacher

Watch a video on how USC students participate in the University of Adelaide Law School’s Moot Court>>>

University of Adelaide Moot Court

University of Adelaide Moot Court

Emerging Futures in Law

At USC we value the support of the University of Adelaide Staff in our teaching and because of their high regard for the capabilities of our Legal Studies students.

During the April School holidays our students were invited to attend the Asia region final of the international Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot. University of Adelaide Law School represented Australia and the competition was very tight. India won and they will be back in Adelaide in September for the International final. Space law is a fascinating, new and rapidly evolving area of law.

There is an elective course underway in the University of Adelaide Law degree. Opportunities for different experiences abound and our students have the enthusiasm and talent to be at the fore should they later choose a pathway in law. Not all, however, will end up wanting to be barristers representing clients in a courtroom. Usually about 25% of law graduates work in the courts while the remainder use this training for many other law and justice roles. Some will work as lawyers behind the scene instructing barristers, or use their understanding in a range of other interesting professions e.g. diplomats, forensic accountants, political leaders, corporate business roles, policy researchers and advisers, media, teaching etc. An understanding in advance, of how the legal system functions, be it to be a lawyer or for some other profession is most helpful. Enrolling in a double degree that includes law can definitely help in the competitive world of securing employment.

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