Another Win at the Mock Trial Competition

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Congratulations to the Year 12 Legal Studies class, for their formidable win with a score of 91 – 85 in the Semi-Final of the Law Society of South Australia’s Mock Trial Competition. This was a particularly difficult round, for even though we were placed at the top of the leader board at the conclusion of the minor round, it is the best teams from the minor rounds who compete.

The Mock Trial Competition is the active learning component in our Year 12 Legal Studies academic program. It brings to life in a most memorable way the syllabus content and so helps significantly with recall in the very important end of year exams. It also trains the students to better develop the skills that will intersect with success in their later academic and work life. For example, it develops skills of inquiry, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, presentation and successful time management. It provides our students an opportunity to practise all of these skills and in so doing, develops students’ confidence in their own abilities. They also learn how to engage in nonbiased and informed opinion and debate about contemporary legal issues. There is much to be gained. Most importantly for the students, they enjoy the experience because they like to have their thinking challenged. They experience so many ‘light-bulb moments’!

The Grand Final will be held mid September and from our whole USC community, we wish our students every success. They certainly work very hard in preparation, from developing their theory of the case, researching and analysing the management of their own argument to favour their case, and the practice that they put in during lunch time of the week prior to the contest. Their classmates who don’t compete on the night, play a pivotal role in this preparation. They work up the opposition’s case and run our presenting team through their paces. Without their willing input and clever ideas the competition team would not fare as well. For a teacher, the enthusiasm and spirit of cooperation is amazing to witness.

Yvette Winter
Legal Studies Teacher


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