Australian Mathematics Competition 2017


This year, 14 of our students participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition. We are pleased to announce that 9 students have obtained a Distinction and 5 have obtained a Credit.

This event was introduced in Australia in 1978 as the first Mathematics Competition in Australian Schools. Since this time it has served almost all Australian secondary schools, providing feedback and enrichment to schools and students. It has become the largest single event on the Australian Education Calendar, allowing students to attempt the same tasks, on the same day involving about 40 countries. It has become a truly international event, with countries throughout the Pacific and South East Asia, and some from even further afield taking part. The number of entrants in Australia alone in recent years has been of the order of 400,000.

The aims of the Competition are three-fold:

• to highlight the importance of mathematics as a curriculum subject

• to give students an opportunity to discover talent in mathematics

• to provide resources for the classroom and general discussion

The 75-minute competition contained 25 multiple-choice problems and 5 questions requiring a number answer. Calculators were not allowed. The problems ranged from easier in the beginning of the paper to more challenging at the end. All students receive a certificate or award commensurate with their performance.

Lisa Lanchester
Maths Teacher


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