Old Scholars Participate in the Ingenuity 2017 Showcase


On Tuesday 31 October, the University of Adelaide’s Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Science (ECMS) students participated in the Ingenuity 2017 Showcase at the Adelaide Convention Centre.  Ingenuity 2017 is a vibrant and impressive display of student projects, research and program offerings.

Former University Senior College students Jason Tosolini (2013), Samuel Bost (2012), David Ewers (2013), Lochlan Campbell (2012) and Joshua De Bricassart (2012) are to be congratulated on their Honours project exhibition.

Pure grit, exceptional teamwork and collaboration/communication showcased excellent research projects.

Lochlan Campbell and Joshua Bricassart

Lochlan Campbell and Joshua De Bricassart


Samuel Bost

Samuel Bost


David Ewers

David Ewers


Jason Tosilini

Jason Tosolini



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