USC Director of Teaching and Learning graduates as Master of Education

USC Director of Studies, Kate Cutts

USC Director of Teaching and Learning, Kate Cutts

In September this year, Kate Cutts, Director of Teaching and Learning and Teacher of Psychology, graduated from the degree of Master of Education in the School of Education, University of Adelaide. After taking courses in leadership, negotiation and managing complex organisations, Kate undertook research for her dissertation titled: Facilitating posttraumatic growth in secondary school students: exploring the role of school leaders.

Posttraumatic growth is a term coined by Tedeschi and Calhoun during the 1990s that refers to positive psychological change experienced as a result of the struggle with highly challenging life circumstances.  Research shows that up to 70% of senior secondary students have experienced at least one event in their life that they found traumatic.  This makes studies of resilience, and indeed growth after trauma particularly salient for informing our evidence-based school programs.

Kate has continually engaged in professional learning, is a subject specialist teacher for Psychology and provides leadership to deliver the teaching and learning program.

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