My Sight – Their Sight: A Performance and Project by Old Scholar Abbie Madden

Abbie Madden pictured on the right

Abbie Madden pictured on the right

Old Scholar Abbie Madden (2012) is the Artistic Director of Blindful, she created the company as a creative outlet and artistic venture to see what her body could achieve with limited sight. Abbie was born with congenital glaucoma so knows first hand what it is like living with a visual impairment. For some this might have been enough to sit on the side lines but it made her even more curious to see what she can achieve, as well as to see how fully sighted individuals react when their sight is constrained.

‘Blindful’ are preparing for two weeks’ residency at Circus Oz in Melbourne then on to Wellington, New Zealand, where they will be performing at BATS Theatre and teaching disability inclusive workshops in the area to that community. To get them there, a fundraising campaign has been established inclusive of MATCH funding through Creative Partnerships Australia which means each dollar Blindful raise, Creative Partnerships Australia will match.

About the Show

My Sight – Their Sight (MSTS) is a show about disability and inclusion that can reach a new audience with your support. Not only will your assistance help Blindful head overseas, they hope to continue to support people with disabilities and those working with disabled artists. Showing them a lack of sight is not a roadblock to physical expression, but merely an obstacle that needs to be circumnavigated.

MSTS’ premise is simple; show the audience an insight into what it is like without sight. Three highly trained interdisciplinary performing artists work to explore how the human body can move and interact when sight is compromised. How would you adapt when blindfolded? Would you rise to the challenge or trip over your own feet? MSTS shows the audience how movement, dance, and circus can transcend something that most of us take for granted – SIGHT. You can view a little snippet of the show here –

Australian Cultural Fund Fundraising campaign –

Your support means they can help and engage communities that wouldn’t normally have access to artistic work and workshops.

We wish Abbie and Blindful the best with their campaign.

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