Research Project Day 2018

We are very fortunate to have highly accomplished researchers among our teaching staff. After prizes were awarded to students who attained a perfect score for the quiz, the RP day began with key teachers providing valuable insight into their research. Teachers also shared important research advice and tips.

USC is surrounded by exciting learning opportunities. Students attended tours at the State Library, Barr Smith Library, Thinclab and SAHMRI. Sophie commented “…the SAHMRI Tour was really interesting and I learnt about the possible careers that are involved, and it gave me a great insight into what I could achieve if I was to pursue this path”. Ali felt “The SAHMRI tour was an opportunity for us to gain an insight into state of the art scientific advancements, the tour also inspired us to be a part of the leading front in scientific development.

When not on tour students received valuable individual tuition from their Research Project teacher. Zoe commented that “Having a day to work on our research projects was amazing and really productive, especially with the tour opportunities to further enhance our knowledge about both research in general and our topics for the project. Overall it was a great and productive day.”

Maree Maney
Research Project Coordinator

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