USC Council Report – Brian Cunningham, Chairperson

The Council continues to have high aspirations for USC and over the past 12 months has worked closely with Anita and her senior leadership team in making key strategic decisions to secure the future of the school in consolidating the recent trend of growth in school enrolments.

In making these decisions, the Council have considered the changing landscape of government education policy, teaching and learning program developments, societal and social trends, analysis of demographics and population growth, economic outlook, international enrolment trends and community expectations, as well as our current infrastructure needs. Of course, Council is very cognisant of being true to the USC purpose and our Charter.

Of most significance is Council’s decision to support the Senior Management recommendation for the inclusion of Year 10 as an offering at University Senior College in 2020. This decision was based on an excellent Business Case prepared for Council by Anita and Finance Manager Karen Boyd with staff input and support. The Business Case justified the introduction of a Year 10 curriculum in 2020 with expected enrolments of 20 students in the first year with growth beyond.

The inclusion of Year 10 in 2020 will allow the College to be more competitive in a range of areas (given that more schools now are incorporating Year 10’s into their senior schools). It will give USC the opportunity to have students for an additional year, assisting them further in developing as independent, resilient and successful learners, and be an attractive alternative to all state schools and many independent and Catholic schools. Allied to this decision of course are the infrastructure needs of the College to support this initiative and provide facilities for the Year 10 intake off the University of Adelaide Campus.

USC has for many years leased space in the Rundle Central building in Charles Street in the City. However, it has been clear for some time that this venue requires significant capital investment to upgrade to current educational standards. As a result, Council has decided to terminate the Charles Street lease and enter into a lease agreement in Gawler Place with a two-stage refurbishment to initially support the faculties moving from Charles Street and subsequently in 2020, accommodate the new Year 10 program.

These are very exciting developments for the College. They position USC well in the niche market the school has built over time and Council is fully supportive of these joint forward-thinking initiatives.

At the same time, Council has also been assessing the varied skill sets sitting around the Board table and the commercial and education experience which suits the current school needs. It has bolstered its ranks with the appointment of highly regarded CPA Graeme Hodge which adds significant financial expertise to the Council’s membership.

In liaison with the Principal and staff, Council continues to drive aspirations of the school for the teaching and learning program, the professional learning of staff, the school’s financial management and the consistent refinement of policies and practices to provide the best student learning pathways.

Brian Cunningham
USC Council Chairperson

Strategic Plan


University Senior College is a senior secondary independent school located in the City of Adelaide on the grounds of the University of Adelaide. The College is dedicated to supporting students to take their place in the world through an academic pathway leading to university.

University Senior College supports every student to flourish. We challenge students and personalise their learning. The College is committed to the development of the USC Graduate Attributes which are embedded in the curriculum, the mentoring program, student-led activities and student governance.

USC staff are specialists and many are leaders in their fields. Modelling self-efficacy, staff work collaboratively and purposefully to provide the best opportunities and outcomes for students in the senior years.

The involvement of our community is integral to our success. Students are partners in all aspects of life at USC and our parents and Old Scholars’ Association support our community. Our partnership with the University of Adelaide is significant and our goal is to strengthen our collaboration with the University to foster dynamic learning environments.

USC MISSION  – To inspire, empower and nurture lifelong learning


  • Adaptable, resilient and ready to succeed at university
  • Effective communicators
  • Leaders and collaborators
  • Creative, innovative and critical thinkers
  • Ethical and interculturally minded


  1. Resilient, creative and intrinsically motivated students who are equipped for university.
  2. Inspirational learning opportunities that support creativity, problem solving and collaboration.
  3. A genuine partnership with the University of Adelaide, designed to foster a love of learning.
  4. Passionate and inspirational staff who are leaders in their fields.
  5. A diverse, cohesive and respectful community.
  6. Teaching and learning spaces that inspire.
  7. Exceptional governance and enabling structures support USC as a high performing organisation.
  8. Build the reputation and the brand of USC as the College of choice for pre-tertiary education.
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