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Congratulations to the Year 12 Legal Studies class, for their formidable win with a score of 91 – 85 in the Semi-Final of the Law Society of South Australia’s Mock Trial Competition. This was a particularly difficult round, for even though we were placed at the top of the leader board at the conclusion of the minor round, it is the best teams from the minor rounds who compete.

The Mock Trial Competition is the active learning component in our Year 12 Legal Studies academic program. It brings to life in a most memorable way the syllabus content and so helps significantly with recall in the very important end of year exams. It also trains the students to better develop the skills that will intersect with success in their later academic and work life. For example, it develops skills of inquiry, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, presentation and successful time management. It provides our students an opportunity to practise all of these skills and in so doing, develops students’ confidence in their own abilities. They also learn how to engage in nonbiased and informed opinion and debate about contemporary legal issues. There is much to be gained. Most importantly for the students, they enjoy the experience because they like to have their thinking challenged. They experience so many ‘light-bulb moments’!

The Grand Final will be held mid September and from our whole USC community, we wish our students every success. They certainly work very hard in preparation, from developing their theory of the case, researching and analysing the management of their own argument to favour their case, and the practice that they put in during lunch time of the week prior to the contest. Their classmates who don’t compete on the night, play a pivotal role in this preparation. They work up the opposition’s case and run our presenting team through their paces. Without their willing input and clever ideas the competition team would not fare as well. For a teacher, the enthusiasm and spirit of cooperation is amazing to witness.

Yvette Winter
Legal Studies Teacher


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Anita Zocchi

Anita Zocchi

As the new Principal to University Senior College since 1 July this year, I would like to share with you my impressions so far. I feel privileged to be the new Principal of such a dynamic and exciting school which is focused on learning for life and assisting students to reach their tertiary goals.

It is abundantly clear to me that USC is a school entirely focused on learning.

Every class I visit is engaged and it is plainly evident that students and staff work positively and collaboratively. As a person new to the school, a significant observation for me is that there is a pervading sense of mutual respect amongst our students and staff, an indicator of a healthy, vibrant and successful school.

Staff have spoken with me about their passion for learning and assisting the young people in our care and for the subjects in which they are specialists. Students have also spoken freely with me about why they have chosen USC and the way they feel challenged in their learning and comfortable in our unique learning environment.  Both staff and students have spoken about the school’s unique partnership with the University of Adelaide, where our students feel at home in a tertiary learning environment before they commence university studies.

I invite you to read more about our School and what it can offer young people, including our Partner’s Pathway with the University of Adelaide. Please contact us to take a Tour and learn more about our mission to unleash every students’ learning potential.

Anita Zocchi


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Ruby with Chief Justice Chris Kourakis

Ruby with Chief
Justice Chris Kourakis

Congratulations to Year 12 student Ruby Preece whose Research Project Outcome was published at the request of Chief Justice Chris Kourakis. Her outstanding work is now referred to as ‘The Ruby Preece Paper’.

Ruby researched ‘What are the possible contributing factors to the overrepresentation of Aboriginal youths in the South Australian Juvenile Justice system, and what initiatives can be implemented to assist in lowering this rate of overrepresentation?’. Ruby hopes to pursue a career in law. Her work shows a distinct value not just to herself, but to the wider community and is an example of how research can lead to potential improvements in peoples’ lives.

The paper is located here on the Courts SA website>

Maree Maney
Research Project Teacher

Open Day Aug2017 Email B

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Bob Holloway was one of the founding staff members of University Senior College and retired from his role as Principal at the end of June this year. He arrived at the conception stages of this exciting and innovative school and worked collegially with staff as the SACE Coordinator and teacher of Chemistry until he took […]

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Congratulations Zahra Pirvali, University Senior College Physics Teacher who was today selected at the recipient of the 2017 EXCELLENCE IN PHYSICS TEACHING AWARD by the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP). The Chair of the SA Branch of the AIP, Dr. Andrew D Mackinnon, stated  “Since 2015 we have put the nomination process into the hands of Physics students at […]

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Many of the Year 12 Legal Studies students have an ambition to study and work in law. One way to obtain an impression of what is involved is to engage in practical learning – the mock trial competition. To those students who wish to pursue a law and justice career, we introduce trial experience in […]

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In the midst of hectic Year 12 schedules, five maths students joined a workshop hosted by the University of Adelaide Maths and Science faculty, targeting and encouraging women to pursue courses and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Alicia, Amy, Emilia, Tam and Sarah spent the day listening to Professors from the University […]

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Year 12 Drama students performed Antigone by Jean Anouilh last week in the University of Adelaide’s Little Theatre. Based on the famous Greek tragedy by Sophocles, Antigone details the rebellion and martyrdom of the daughter of Oedipus Rex. Jean Anouilh was a French playwright and wrote his script in occupied France, as a pointed comment […]

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The Year 12 Economics class had a most interesting visitor recently. USC Old Scholar, Ed Carlson, graduated from USC five years ago and since then has spent some years working with Google in Sydney and recently returned to Adelaide with his own tech start-up. Ed spoke to the class of the arduous process involved in […]

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To all members of the USC Community At the end of June I will leave my position and hand over the leadership to Anita Zocchi. USC Council has made a wise choice in this appointment and Anita will bring a wealth of experience in educational leadership to USC that will enable ongoing growth in the […]

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