University Senior College Mock Trial winning students with their awards, Legal Studies Teacher Yvette Winter and Principal Anita Zocchi

University Senior College Mock Trial winning students with their awards, Legal Studies Teacher Yvette Winter and Principal Anita Zocchi

On Tuesday 19 September the University Senior College Mock Trial team won the 2017 South Australian Secondary Schools Mock Trial Competition.

The Law Society of South Australia introduced the Mock Trial Competition to South Australian Secondary Schools in 1988. In its first year, the Competition had 36 teams from 32 schools across South Australia competing.

The Competition aims to bring the legal profession into closer communication with teachers and students in Secondary Schools to remove some of the mystique surrounding the law and the legal profession, and to give students a better understanding of how the South Australian legal system operates. The Competition encourages students to express themselves and to present an argument in a forum based on our adversarial legal system.

Teams compete in a round robin competition for three rounds, with the four top scoring teams moving through to the semi-final. The two winning teams of this round go through to the Grand Final.

Tonight’s Grand Final was between University Senior College, playing the Defendant Team, and Glenunga International High School, playing the Plaintiff Team. The case was a civil case between plaintiff and defendant where the plaintiff sought special and general damages, arising from assault and battery. The case was about proving liability and the USC team, representing the defendant, argued self-defence and so no liability. The case name is cited as Lulkovick v Canolvish with Justice Stanley deciding in favour of Defendant.

University Senior College Participants

Barrister 1: Athan Economos

Solicitor 1: Caitlin Curran

Barrister 2: Anushri Goswami

Solicitor 2:  Ruby Preece

Witness 1 –: Chloe Camatta

Witness 2 –: Alicia Barron

Sheriff’s Officer: Maggie Carter

University Senior College Mock Trial Participants out the front of the District Court with Yvette Winter

University Senior College Mock Trial Participants out the front of the District Court with Yvette Winter

In addition to winning the Grand Final, Anushri Goswami was also presented with the Best Barrister Award and Alicia Barron was presented with the Best Witness Award.

Best Barrister Winner, Anushri with her parents

Best Barrister Winner, Anushri with her parents

Anushri was also awarded an Internship with Justice Stanley
The Law Society of South Australia presents this award to an outstanding student in the 2017 Mock Trial Competition. The Honourable Justice Stanley will provide an internship for a student to undertake work experience in the Courts. The lucky student, Anushri will engage with legal institutions which will encourage subsequent study of the law and a career in the legal profession.

The Mock Trial Competition provides students with an introduction to the law, legal processes and the South Australian legal system in general.

Students develop many skills, face challenges and gain confidence and experience as a result of their involvement in the Competition. They are encouraged to use their imagination, experience and lateral thinking, to improvise, and to develop their research and analytical skills. Students develop strong communication skills, confidence in addressing an audience, taking responsibility within a team and maturity in their behaviour. The Competition also provides students with an opportunity to meet with their peers from different backgrounds and regions, as well as members of the legal profession, including senior members.

One of the main aims of the Mock Trial Competition is that the development of such a variety of skills and experiences gained during the Competition will have a positive impact, whether large or small, on the futures of the students who participate in whatever is their chosen profession.

Congratulations again to the 2017 University Senior College team!

USC Legal Studies Teacher with the Mock Trial Perpetual Cup

USC Legal Studies Teacher with the Mock Trial Perpetual Cup

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Chemistry Titration team

Year 12 Chemistry students participated in the National Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Competition. Congratulations to the State and National Gold Medal Team: Revania Pillay, Zahrah Azman and Isla Heath, who also took out the Excellence Award for their team and for the school.

The RACI titration competitions are designed to encourage those students who enjoy Chemistry, particularly its practical side, to develop their skills and to reward those who attain a high level of proficiency. All secondary schools are invited to compete in their local state-based competition. Entrants compete in teams of three.

In the competition, each team performed a simple acid-base titration exercise. Each team had to standardise a sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution against a supplied hydrochloric acid (HCl) solution; and was then required to standardise three (3) acetic acid solutions with the sodium hydroxide solution. Judging was on the basis of the values each team reported for the titres and concentrations of the NaOH and acetic acid solutions. Teams were ranked on how close they got to the actual concentration.


The top teams in each State competition were put forward to represent their state in the National Finals. All national finalists received a gold or silver badge and a team plaque was awarded to outstanding teams.

Well done Revania, Zahrah and Isla.

Glen Arthur
Chemistry Teacher
University Senior College


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USC 2016-05-19-0098sm

Year 11 Academic Scholarship Opportunities – Entry for 2019

Each year a limited number of academic scholarships are provided for students commencing full time studies at USC in Year 11. Academic scholarships to attend USC are highly competitive and range in value from 25% to full remission of tuition fees.

These scholarships are awarded entirely on the results of the Scholarship Selection Test (SST) developed by the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER). The examination is held at the University Senior College Charles Street Campus on Saturday 3 February from 8.45am until approximately 12.15pm.

At University Senior College we are pleased to offer scholarships for students in Year 10 in the 2018 academic year (all states).

February Scholarship Test

Date of Test: Saturday 3 February 2018
Registrations Open: Wednesday 6 September 2017
Registration Close: Wednesday 24 January 2018

How to Apply

Students wishing to apply for an Academic Scholarship must do so by completing an ACER registration form Online. The scholarship registration fee is $95.00 (including GST). The scholarship test can only be sat by a student once.

All candidates will be contacted by the Enrolment Officer prior to the examination to provide a reminder and communicate any final details.

Click here to Register

Please Note

Only an ACER registration for scholarship form needs to be completed. The USC Application Form provided on the website or in the Information Pack sent by the school is not required. There is no additional cost for students who proceed with a formal application.

For further information contact

USC Enrolment Officer
Michelle Giavis
Phone: +61 8 8313 4988

Further information about future scholarship opportunities can be found on the University Senior College website

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

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Table bookings are now open for the 2017 USC Quiz Night.   For bookings please contact Carmen Bishop Email: Phone: 8313 8370

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Notice of special general meeting A special general meeting of the association will be held at Jordan Building, Kintore Avenue ADELAIDE SA 5000 on Monday 18 September at 6:00PM to consider the following matters: Amendments to the USCOSA rules. Business Proposal to amend rule 6.4(a) of the USCOSA Rules to: The Committee shall meet together […]

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Congratulations to the Year 12 Legal Studies class, for their formidable win with a score of 91 – 85 in the Semi-Final of the Law Society of South Australia’s Mock Trial Competition. This was a particularly difficult round, for even though we were placed at the top of the leader board at the conclusion of […]

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As the new Principal to University Senior College since 1 July this year, I would like to share with you my impressions so far. I feel privileged to be the new Principal of such a dynamic and exciting school which is focused on learning for life and assisting students to reach their tertiary goals. It […]

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Congratulations to Year 12 student Ruby Preece whose Research Project Outcome was published at the request of Chief Justice Chris Kourakis. Her outstanding work is now referred to as ‘The Ruby Preece Paper’. Ruby researched ‘What are the possible contributing factors to the overrepresentation of Aboriginal youths in the South Australian Juvenile Justice system, and […]

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Bob Holloway was one of the founding staff members of University Senior College and retired from his role as Principal at the end of June this year. He arrived at the conception stages of this exciting and innovative school and worked collegially with staff as the SACE Coordinator and teacher of Chemistry until he took […]

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Congratulations Zahra Pirvali, University Senior College Physics Teacher who was today selected at the recipient of the 2017 EXCELLENCE IN PHYSICS TEACHING AWARD by the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP). The Chair of the SA Branch of the AIP, Dr. Andrew D Mackinnon, stated  “Since 2015 we have put the nomination process into the hands of Physics students at […]

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