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If you’re looking for some DIY inspiration these holidays, look no further than Netflix to get your creative juices flowing. I am obsessed with the home renovation and construction shows on Netflix, and they make me want to do all kinds of DIY projects in my own home. If you’re in need of inspiration and ideas, you’ve come to the right place. (more…)

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I often wonder how I would spend my free time without Instagram. What could I accomplish in a day without multiple breaks scrolling through my feed? Who could I be in my personal life without having scanning eyes on it all the time? Should I take a break? Or, should I stop feeling guilty about spending so much time in an alternate universe? (more…)

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Sexual assault and harassment is a huge issue. What can men do to make women feel safe in public? (more…)

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I kind of crashed after exams. I needed to give my head a break after trying to cram so much into it, so I just needed a week of recuperation and nothingness. I enjoyed being incredibly unproductive and having a break from obligations. I did whatever popped into my head, although nothing quite as crazy […]

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There are some things that are an accepted part of the world but are also kind of amazing. Sometimes I like to imagine that I was born in the 19th Century and suddenly transported to the present day. I would wander around with astonishment and be truly gobsmacked at the kind of stuff going on. […]

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All good things must come to an end, as goes the old cliché. So it is for me at present with relation to the end of my share-house experience, as I embark upon the adventure of living with, and only with, my boyfriend of two years.

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It feels like there’s just always something. Everything is going pretty well overall except for just one area that really isn’t.

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The end of the year has come. Everyone is going their separate ways. What will the future hold?

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 I’ve always liked making my pizza at home and sometimes find I enjoy the flavours more than buying pizza out (and without the expensive price tag). Recently, we started buying pre-made pizza dough at the supermarket (sold in the refrigerated section near the fresh pasta) and stretching it out into our own custom pizza bases. […]

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A couple of months ago, I was feeling overwhelmed by various negative things going on in the world. I was reading a lot in the news about sexism and violence towards women, and was also feeling frustrated by injustices I observed in my own life. I felt really tired at the thought of trying to […]

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