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What’s On in Adelaide Over Break?

Ah, the mid-year break. If you’re like me, now is the time to snuggle under the covers with a good book. The winter holidays don’t exactly scream, ‘go out and explore the city!’. However, there is some great stuff happening in and around Adelaide over the holidays. Here are just some examples of what you […]

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Post-Exam Treats

Nailed that final exam? Treat Yo’ Self! Possibly failed but glad that it’s over? Treat Yo’ Self! Didn’t have exams but finished that final major essay? Treat Yo’ Self!

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Budget Cocktails

I love alcohol, but I like it both cheap and delicious. This is hard to come by when you’re out and about. I’ve also found that homemade cocktail recipes always require me to buy three or four different kinds of alcohol. I don’t have that kind of money! So I’ve compiled some easy, cheap, and […]

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Kicking Bad Habits

I’ve got another confession to make.

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Review – The Mummy (2017)

The Mummy (1999) is perhaps the closest movie we’ve had to a successor to Indiana Jones: a double act where Brendon Fraser and Rachel Weisz (and John Hannah) provided an excellent closer to a genre of action-adventure movie that doesn’t really exist anymore. The Mummy (2017) is just a mess.

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My Sleep Debt is Coming Due

Like you might guessed after my post about how to survive an exam on no sleep, I often don’t have a lot of success with getting a healthy amount of sleep in each night.

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Book Recommendations: Crime Fiction

Dear Readers, This week, I’d like to introduce to you some books from my favourite genre of fiction: crime fiction. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this particular genre, you may be under the impression that all crime fiction is full of death, darkness, and destruction, but this is so far from the […]

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Humans of SwotVac

“The best thing about swotvac is that you get to relax, but at the same time freak out and cram everything.”

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Study Inspo: StudyTubers

So, it’s that time of year again. People are scurrying around the Hub, trying to find a place to sit and absorb a semester’s worth of knowledge. There is a scent of desperation in the air, mixed with aroma of coffee and freshly printed lecture notes. And everyone is seeking that inspiration, that motivation to […]

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The 2017 Steam Summer Sale is On

It’s the best time of year for a PC gamer! The Steam Summer Sale is on from June 22nd to July 5th (or June 23rd to July 6th in Australian time) and there are some great deals to take advantage of. Just in time for holidays, too! Here’s a list of games that I think are worth […]

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