Post-Exam Treats

Nailed that final exam? Treat Yo’ Self! Possibly failed but glad that it’s over? Treat Yo’ Self! Didn’t have exams but finished that final major essay? Treat Yo’ Self!

Please not that I haven’t forgotten how to spell ‘yourself’, but I’m referencing a rather brilliant episode of Parks and Rec, featuring Treat Yo’ Self day. If you’re not a Parks and Rec fan (Madness! It’s great!), you should check out that episode if you can. I’m a firm believer in treating yourself. I even have a ‘Treat Yo’ Self’ decal framed on my wall (it is the central art piece in my apartment).

Anyway, now is the perfect time of year to TREAT YO SELF. Whether that’s a night out, a night in, or a spot of pampering, I’ve compiled some tried-and-tested ideas for indulging when all of that stress and hard work is finally over.


This is a given. What better way to relieve tension than to have a professional masseuse ease out the stress from your back with scented oils and therapeutic ocean sounds? I am an easily stressed person with back problems, thus I am fortunate enough to be gifted massage vouchers for birthdays and Christmases. I cannot recommend highly enough the teams at independent day spas like Coco’s and Breathe (both in the Adelaide Hills), but I have also tried places like Endota and would also recommend them. Massages from these places are incredibly relaxing but also pretty expensive. Most options will set you back around $50 or $60 for 30 minutes. A 45 minute massage is around $70. Remember, you’re treating yourself. I know that there are cheaper massages available, but I don’t want to recommend anything that I haven’t tried myself. Also, I certainly don’t want to unintentionally direct people to a sexual massage parlour. But if you know of a cheaper option, let me know in the comments!


Gold Class

As a movie buff, I absolutely adore Gold Class. It’s expensive, so you should be expecting to spend. If you’re going to do Gold Class, don’t half-ass it. Get good seats, get cocktails, and explore their food menu properly. Remember, you’re indulging! So have a properly lavish night out. I would recommend the deep fried mac n’ cheese and the arancini at EVENT cinemas Gold Class. Keep in mind that it’s dark and you have limited table space, so don’t go for anything that’s too tricky to eat (no nachos or anything that requires a knife and fork). Gold Class is designed as a treat and a step above from the average movie experience…Toblerone cocktail anyone?

NOTE: Can’t afford Gold Class? As explored in another article, there are plenty of cheap cinemas around Adelaide. HOYTS Norwood have also recently introduced $10 movies all day every day. Then, just sneak in a thermos of hot chocolate and you’re ready to indulge.



Dessert is, truly, an essential part of life. This could mean whipping up your own mug cakes or packet pudding, but I think that after finishing the semester you should really treat yo’ self. My favourite dessert place is Elephant Walk in North Adelaide. It’s moody, cosy, and serves up delicious sweet treats. It’s also the perfect spot for a third or fourth date because it’s super romantic. Fun fact: word on the street is that the venue was once a brothel. Please don’t let that put you off, for I’m of the opinion that this detail makes the venue even cooler. Alternatively, I’m also looking to try Riad on Unley Road next because their menu sounds amazing. So get out and have some dessert. Somewhere, a sticky date pudding is calling you!


A Night Off

Make like a true millennial and binge watch Netflix while waiting for UBEReats. Snuggle under a blanket with your favourite person or animal and settle in for a long night of just chilling. With no assignments and no exams to worry about, you can really relax. My top Netflix picks right now are Riverdale and Stranger Things (hoping that the new season comes soon!). Girlboss and Love are also surprisingly entertaining! As for UBEReats, I can never go past Nordburger or Sit Lo. Gather your favourite trackies, a hot water bottle (or wheat bag), and a fluffy blanket to snuggle with. Then, settle in for a long night of true relaxation, the modern way.


Retail Therapy

Let’s be honest here. We are all consumers and we all have certain items on our wish lists. This could be a new game, a new jacket you’ve been eyeing off, some fresh stationary, or every single ‘saved item’ in your online shopping cart. Post-exam time is the perfect time to get that thing you’ve been dreaming of buying. You don’t have to feel guilty because you’ve worked hard all semester. Now’s the time when you can actually relax and do whatever you want (within reason). Get that game! Who cares if you ‘don’t really need it’ or if it’s ‘too expensive’? DO IT. Treat yo’ self because you deserve it.


All in all, I hope that this has given you some inspiration for indulgence. Good luck with your exams, and let me know in the comments how you plan to treat yourself after exams!

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