The Best Day to Online Shop

I’d like to apologize in advance for the impact that this article could potentially have on your bank account.

Despite being an avid online shopper, I was (until recently) completely unaware of the magical phenomenon known as Cyber Monday. I know that many online shopping sites have great sales on Black Friday and over the Thanksgiving weekend in America. However, I’m not usually participating in them because I’m, you know, busy on weekends. Especially in November. But Cyber Monday came as a total shock.

I’ve been participating in Monday culture (coffee, work, coffee, study) so blindly for so long that I haven’t noticed how GOOD Mondays can be. Well, one Monday in particular.

It all started with the need for a dress. I had a wedding that weekend, and I had “nothing to wear”. The 50 dresses already in my wardrobe were “unsuitable” for various reasons (I have a consumer habit), so I went on the hunt for something semi-formal, suitable for 35 degree weather, and that would look good without high heels. I started on ASOS, who where having a coincidentally ginormous sale. I then moved to Princess Polly (50% off), The Iconic (30%-70% off) and BNKR (50% off sale items). The flashing red banners on every website were giving me a headache.

“I can’t believe every website I’ve visited is having a sale! This is amazing!” I said, furiously clicking through pages to find what I was after.
“Yeah, it’s Cyber Monday,” my boyfriend said. I turned my head to him in slow motion.
“It’s what?”

I initially thought that this was a thing that happened every single Monday and nobody had told me about it. I was quietly enraged until I figured out what it actually was. Cyber Monday occurs the Monday after Thanksgiving in America. It’s akin to Black Friday retail sales, only it occurs online (there are really good online sales on Black Friday too).

Last year (it feels weird to be saying “last year” about 2017 already), Cyber Monday occurred on November 27th. Now that you’ve all bought your 2018 diaries, mark in Cyber Monday RIGHT NOW. It will occur on Monday the 26th of November. Yes, I’m aware that it’s a whole 11 months away. But this is my last week blogging for What Messes with Your Head, so I have to let you in on this secret now.

I can’t believe I’ve been kept in the dark for this long! Everything online was ridiculously cheap and I wish I’d known so I could have put more money aside for those sales. The dress that I ended up buying was great, but there were so many other things that I wish I could have gotten if I’d had more money. They were all half, or less than half, of what they usually cost. For me, a financially-drained student, this was a big event, and I was only on the Australian websites. I can’t even imagine how crazy things get on the American sites. Mark it in your diaries for this year, and start saving.

*Libby has now graduated from her degree and ventured off into the wild blue yonder, but she left us with a few last posts that we’ll be publishing over the next few months.

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