My Father: Part 2

My father supported me through my hardest times.

I didn’t do well in the college entrance exam on my 18th. My mom was so desperate that the emotional atmosphere she created almost drowned me. I had no idea what I should do. One day my father came back with a flyer about universities in Malaysia, and he told us how he had been thinking of the condition in Malaysia, as well as how I would fit perfectly into it. I didn’t have a choice so I accepted his suggestion. Until now, there was never a day that I have not appreciated his suggestion, and there was never a day that I do not benefit from my study in Malaysia.

Hard times came after my graduation. It was so highly competitive in the workplace that I couldn’t find a proper job. I stayed at home for nearly half a year, which made me very frustrated. My father told me: “A person’s job is very important. What we are looking for is more than a work, it is a career.” He then said, “We are actually hunters. We wait for our opportunity patiently, and when the target comes, we will shoot it precisely.” It took me a while before I could understand what he meant. It also took me a while before the opportunity came and I got it!

I am so lucky to have him. While my mom built my foundation of living, my father helped me to reach for more.

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