Friendships in a Foreign Country: Part 1

Part 1: Friendships in a foreign country with people from the same cultural background.

People can be less picky with developing friendships in a foreign country.

In this situation, the scope of choosing should be smaller, therefore it should be easier to have some domestic friends. It generally feels more comfortable spending time with people from the same cultural background, because in such situations they can communicate with their mother language and share similar values. Based on my own experience, people can be less picky with developing friendships in a foreign country. Living in a foreign country is an exciting experience, while many realistic difficulties may occur from time to time. Friendships are enhanced when you offer to help and you received kindly help from others.

However, sticking together while you and others are in a foreign country may not last long when you two go back to your motherland. The differences between these people are diminished while in a foreign country, but when they go back to the motherland, the differences are enlarged: you are from different region, visiting each other is harder, and the common thoughts may not exist anymore.

There are friendships in a foreign country that last forever. Contacting each other often is always the best way to stay in touch. If there is any opportunity, go for a trip together, such as visiting each other’s cities.

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