Birthday Gifts? Jar Cakes!

I thought I was too late… to send a gift.

My sister’s birthday was in 4 days, she lives in Sydney, and 2 of those days were weekend days!

What on earth was I going to send her that would both be a good gift and would get to her in time?

After a short stint of brain-wracking, a conversation I’d recently had floated into my mind, casually interrupting my thoughts with a small “hey”.

Friends had been discussing this business called the Mason Baker that had appeared on Shark Tank (and won money for the pitch!). Their business centres around the ability to send delicious cake anywhere in Australia without it getting squished—which seemed like a great idea for a birthday!

They send gourmet cakes in reusable mason jars, and it fit the situation like a glove. The flavours they offer sound incredible, which include ‘chocolate Nutella’ and ‘strawberries and cream’!

One more thing I have to point out is that their customer service is wonderful. I had to change the delivery date and destination, and within 20 minutes of sending them an email, I’d received a reply saying those details had been changed. I usually expect horrible customer service, so this was a very welcome surprise!

So, the jar cakes were well received! They were delivered in perfect time and the service was wonderful – I very highly recommend it to any discerning foodies in your life.

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