Friendships in a Foreign Country: Part 2

Part 2: Friendships in a foreign country with people from different cultural backgrounds.

It may not be easy to maintain friendship effortlessly, especially in this situation.

Due to language problems and cultural differences, international friendships are hard to maintain. The cultural differences can seem overwhelming. There’s education, the way values are taught differently in different countries, not to mention the philosophy of the system, living habits, and the ways of expressions. However, the differences are not that huge—no matter which race we are, we are all humans. Humans are divided into many different types, not necessarily based on race or nationality, but maybe by astrology, character, or other things such as durian lovers and haters, dog people and cat people.

Difference and diversity are good things, since they provide plenty of opportunities to explore and learn. Bear that in mind when you came across any people from different cultural backgrounds. Be a good listener. Actively think from other’s perspectives. Try their food. If you don’t like it, try it again.

It may not easy to maintain friendships effortlessly, especially in this situation. Let your curiosity, patience, and determination to learn outweigh the stress of communication. Most importantly, have fun. That’s always our purpose, isn’t it?

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