An Introvert Networking?

Recently, I’ve met some really interesting people who have all told me the same thing: if I want to build a business, I’ll need to network.

Now, here’s the thing, I’d very much like to start my own business and build a career in media both creating content and giving people the opportunity to create content and get it out there. Very clearly, you can see that I’ll need to socialise a bit. Problem is, while I feel my idea is good and solid, I’m also quite horrible at the whole ‘socialising’ thing.

A male and female are sitting outside, their faces are unseen. They are dressed in business attire, seemingly deep in discussion.

(Source, accessed 14/08/2018)

But, here’s to finding new strategies! Over the time that I’m blogging here, I’ve decided to try and find ways of networking.

It’s a bit of a scary word, but it basically means making lasting impressions on people who can help you with your business prospects, which isn’t necessarily always done in the same way. I’m learning more and more that there are different ways to network, depending on your business/idea and your personality.

I find making contacts online is a great starting point, but to make strong relationships, meeting people face-to-face over coffee or lunch is second-to-none. I don’t know why, but chatting to people and getting onto mutual topics of interest helps a lot!

I’ll be heading to VidCon later this month to chat with people and network a great deal. Stay tuned for updates and to discover whether all of that socialisation killed me!

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