Simply Soundtracks: Ori and the Blind Forest

I discovered Ori and the Blind Forest by listening to the soundtrack first, and it gained popularity because of how amazing both the soundtrack and the visual artwork. FULLY recommend it, if not for the soundtrack, just search for images of it. I promise you’ll be blown away.

Ori, Lost in the Storm
First song, and I love it. It has got some ethereal vocals, so if that’s not what you’re into, give it a miss. It plays as you begin the game, learning about the back story and what has happened to the world that you’ve found yourself in. It’s just a minute long, but sometimes shorter song are just as wonderful and emotional as a longer one.

The Blinded Forest
Sad, slow, lots of feeling in each note. Just listening to it pulls at your heart, but just before the halfway point of the song, the tone changes. It gets slightly faster, slightly brighter and suddenly there’s hope—just a little. It’s still a dainty song, like most of this soundtrack, but that change in tone is so nice.

ori and the blind forest

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