How To Complete An Assignment One Week Before It’s Due

I have an assignment due in one week and am notorious for a lack of time management. So hopefully some advice from the counselling service will be able to help.

Step 1: Organise Your Place of Work

It’s nice to start off somewhere easy. I can do this one. Put everything together, have a little spot for snacks, easy.

Step 2: Making a Timetable

‘Divide and conquer’ is the advice of the booklet. Make a timetable of the entire week, being sure to divide the work into different sections.

My timetable is probably not amazing, but I was careful to keep the advice of the booklet in mind when writing it out. I’ve planned between 9am-5pm because that’s when I think I study most effectively, it also makes it easier to avoid distractions and leaves me time to relax at night. It also gives me some buffer-time that I can use if I get behind schedule.

Step 3: Study Breaks

It’s important to actually do things other than study. In between things, I’m going to have a quick break with snacks. This should give me something to be motivated for. One task and a snack, two tasks and a lunch break. Little breaks are also a chance to think about study in the back of my mind. Taking a complete break from the study every now and then should also be good. Trying to maintain a social life is a good idea. Also, taking a break to just get some time alone and relax will help me be more productive when I am working.

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