Hallow’s End

You land in Goldshire after a short flight from Stormwind City. The ground crunches loudly underfoot – a stark contrast to the deafening silence of a town usually bustling with activity. It is Hallow’s End and you anticipate the Headless Horseman’s arrival in the town square soon – he is, in fact, the entire reason you journeyed to Goldshire.

He returns every year, and every year is vanquished – but there’s always the lingering fear that he could win, and death and darkness will befall all.

A tree creaks, almost in anticipation. The air shifts, and you instinctively know he has arrived. It’s not long before his call to arms is heard throughout the town, his chilling voice echoing magically around corners and through walls.

“PREPARE yourselves, the bell has tolled. Shelter your weak, your young and your old! Each of you shall pay the FINAL SUM! CRY FOR MERCY, THE RECKONING HAS COME! AHAHAHAHAHHH!”

As he laughs maniacally, your hands tighten around the hilt of your sword, preparing for battle. The reckoning has indeed come.


In World of Warcraft, every year the Headless Horseman visits the small town of Goldshire, and every year I battle him. I don’t know what it is, but there’s such a sense of community and excitement when it comes to big in-game events like Halloween (Hallow’s End), Christmas (Feast of the Winter Veil) and Oktoberfest (Brewfest). Everyone gathers together in a game we all love and just have a bit of fun.

I also get to escape from reality for a while and kill an undead headless man riding a flaming horse—sounds like the perfect Halloween to me!

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