What If I Didn’t Have to Work?

So much is automated now: the coles check-out, the dish-washing, the cars. What if everything was automated? What would I do?

I wouldn’t have to work. I don’t always like work. Work can be tiring, take up a lot of time, and be absolutely mind-numbing. Sometimes having to do things is stressful and encompasses my entire life.

Instead of work, I could do anything! I could travel the world. I could catch up with everyone, I could pick up a hobby. I could learn a language. I’d be able to do absolutely anything, but what on earth would I actually do? Would I really do anything differently?

Would I just take up my time with Netflix and scrolling the internet? Would I be happy like that? Looking back on life, would I feel like I’d accomplished anything? If all my time was downtime, would I actually be happy?

There’d just be so much choice. So much choice that there’d be no direction to anything. What exactly is stopping me from doing any of these grand ideas right now? Would I find a sense of accomplishment in anything?

Maybe work isn’t so bad. It can be bad obviously, but it isn’t always and it doesn’t have to be. I think I rarely appreciate that working is actually valuable. By working, I’m actually doing something, I’m actually achieving something. So I’ll enjoy work while I can—before the robots take all our jobs.

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