Winter is wonderful!

Winter is Coming, and I could not be happier. I love being able to snuggle up in a good blanket with a hot cup of tea, playing a game or reading a book (even if it is a textbook).

Reading in the winter – is there anything better? (Image from, accessed 14/03/2019)

Summer is gross. This may be too much information, but I sweat so much, and summer just highlights that, but winter? Winter is the time when I can actually be comfortable and not constantly overheated, and it’s socially acceptable to invite people over to hang out rather than go to one of the twenty million festivals or shows that are on.

Plus, I love wearing heaps of layers of clothes. Warm, snuggly layers of clothes and coats that you can wrap yourself up in. Sleeves of a jumper that are slightly too long but the perfect length for holding your hot drink.

I see the colours of leaves changing from a healthy green to a crispy brown and just feel contentedly happy. Not to mention that my pale, ghostly skin no longer feels crispy in the sun, either, so that’s also a positive!

Basically, I’m looking forward to hibernating in the winter. I’ll also be stockpiling some books to read and tea to drink, because you can never have too many of either, honestly. Bring it on!

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