New Blogger Introduction: Emma from Canada

Hello, all! My name is Emma, and I just wanted to take some time to introduce myself as I am a new member of the blogging team! I have joined What Messes With Your Head? for only a couple of months as I am currently on Exchange at the University of Adelaide for a single semester. I am from Canada and am loving my time down under so far!

I am here finishing my second year of university, working towards a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree. I am majoring in English Literature and have not selected a minor yet but am leaning towards History.

Since I am an English major, I really enjoy reading books! I love reading so much that I often set challenges for how many books I can read a year. I set a personal best in 2015 with 60 books and haven’t gotten close to beating it since! I don’t really have a favourite genre, as I will read anything that sounds interesting. I absolutely despise series, though, as I just can’t commit to reading all the books.

Some of my favourite things to do are go on hikes, watch Netflix, write, read, and cuddle up with my dogs! Also, I am a vegetarian, so I enjoy trying new recipes. Even after nine years, I am still trying to figure out how to pack as much protein into my meals as possible (and am still failing).

Since I’m from Canada, I hope I can provide more content for International and Exchange students alike. I’m hoping I can help you all navigate homesickness and adjusting to a new country, as I am too. I am still having to adjust to the weather here, mainly it being so hot. I actually left Canada when it was -20 Celsius, then arrived during the 40-degree heat wave! It was a big change. Now, I’ve somewhat acclimatized and am wearing pants in 20-degree weather, which is when we would be walking around in shorts in Canada!

I am very excited to start writing and sharing my experiences with you all. I am going to be writing and posting about a wide variety of topics like: dealing with stress, homesickness, self-expectations regarding schoolwork, and much more!

The What Messes with Your Head Blog is all about the student experiences. It’s written by students, for students!

What Messes with Your Head is not a counselling service. If you would like to make contact with a counsellor during business hours, please contact Counselling Support, and if you need after hours support, please call the University of Adelaide Crisis Support Line on 1300 167 654 or text 0488 884 197 (5pm to 9am weekdays; 24 hours weekends and public holidays).

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