Time just keeps going on. For a long time. Possibly forever? Who knows? If there’s so much of it, why does it feel like there isn’t enough of it? The universe is timeless, but I am time-less, out of time, time poor, and without time.

There’s just so many THINGS. Doctors appointments, networking events, family events, social events, 50 hours of reading, joining a club, volunteering, reading for leisure, working. In amongst that you have to remember to drink plenty of water, prepare a healthy meal, get enough sleep, keep your house clean, set some time aside for yourself. Why does it feel like I don’t have enough time when there’s supposedly so much of it?

Maybe the problem isn’t that I don’t have enough time, but that I don’t have the motivation to do the things I want with it.

Realistically, which things would I remember? Which would I look back on and prefer to do. It’s a tired message to say we spend too much times on our phones, but you can’t really share the story about the time you were scrolling through Facebook.

I don’t always like the amount of time I spend watching TV, or reading, or online. I spend so much time on other stories that I forget to live out my own. I only have so much time. I’d like to make it count.

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