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Meet the Bloggers: Anna

Hello, my name is Anna. I’m a new blogger on What messes with your head?. You may have seen me around campus already. I am the person who…

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A common icebreaker is something like, “What do you want to be famous for?” That question seems to assume that you’d want to be famous at all, and I’m not completely sure why anyone would want that.

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The Ugly Post

I wanted to write something uplifting. Something inspiring, motivational, and life changing, but all I could think of was this ugly post.

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Being Happy All the Time

I don’t think there’s anything as infuriating as people who are ALWAYS happy. I guess that’s because I feel cosmically ripped off. How can someone ALWAYS be happy? They certainly wouldn’t be happy if they had to go through what I do on a daily basis. No one could be constantly giggly, or infuriatingly perfect […]

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Apparently you’re supposed to have at least 8 cups of water a day. I have about 1… maybe… on some days. Honestly, most days I don’t think I ever have any water. Water is necessary for all life on this planet. It’s needed by literally every cell in every living thing. It’s fairly important. In […]

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Shadow of Xiaopan

My Last Blog Post

It’s been a fascinating year with blogging and studying. I’ve never written so many things so regularly under a single big theme, neither in Chinese nor English before. Thanks for all the deadlines.

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First Years

It’s the beginning of the university year. The days are way too hot, a diverse range of passionate people hand out flyers, and flocks of first years wander the grounds searching for classes, clubs, and connection. I actually like seeing all the first years on campus. They remind me a lot of what my first […]

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Why is the sky blue?

In an attempt to fight procrastination (or feed it, I’m not quite sure), let’s actually answer the age-old question to ask when you’re stalling for time, instead of just forever procrastinating. It’s time to learn why the sky is actually blue!

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How Criminal is a Luxury Lifestyle? The Waste

It is reported that the luxury brand Burberry burned USD37million worth stock in a single year, and the total destroyed amount is £90 million in the past five years, as revealed by The Times. (source) This practice is apparently quite normal in the fashion industry, not only for the luxury brands but also for the […]

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How times have changed

Once upon a time; in the past; long ago: that’s how we start a lot of our stories. Stories of our families, cultures, identity. Those stories are useful because they give an insight into what led to where we are now. The forces that made everything we have today. What laid the bricks we walk […]

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