Dog Instagram Accounts to Follow

Funny photos of dogs never fail to lift my mood when I’m in need of a pick-me-up, so in honour of International Dog Day (Monday 26th August), I wanted to share my favourite dog-related Instagram accounts.



An oldie but a goodie, weratedogs posts photos of dogs and assigns them a number out of 10 as a rating. Hint: the dogs get a rating above 10.


Thoughts of Dog (dog_feelingsig) is the Instagram version of the @dog_feelings Twitter handle. The tweets are random musings of a fictional dog and are a heart-warming imaginary insight into the mind of a dog.


Like HONY but for dogs. A small bio and fact is included. Come here for quality photography of dogs of all breeds.


Reagan is an Australian labradoodle who lives in the US. He regularly posts pictures doing tricks or wearing clothes, including with his fostered and adopted family members.


It isn’t just overseas that has dog influencers. Adelaide has some of its very own. Here are a couple to check out.


Mr Chuck loves dressing up and posing for photos. My particular favourite are the Bunnings photos. They should seriously consider hiring some full-time puppy support workers.


Murphy is still new to the Instagram scene and regularly posts diary entries about his life starting with the phrase, ‘Dear doggo diary…’


Expect oodles of labradoodle cuteness if you follow these brothers. The puppy is my dog’s doppelgänger, so maybe I’m biased.


Follow this photogenic duo on their South Australian adventures. They’ll make you want to brush your hair more often.


Probably the most famous local dog (with 30,000+ followers), Ani is a Bernese Mountain Dog who loves a camera close up.

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