The Art of Being Unproductive

I have a new theory on recharging my brain. Like a lot of university students, I often get stuck in a cycle of achieving. Let’s face it, the wave of productivity never really ends. I will always have washing to do. My inbox will always be pinging with new emails to respond to. I will always have study to work on. I will always want to up-skill what I’m interested in.

I am proud of myself for my work ethic, but I have become paralysed in a state of efficiency. As the wave of productivity gets bigger, my state of burn-out tends to linger a tiny bit longer each time.

While productivity can make me feel like I have a handle on my life, I am disoriented when I have to take a step back. That’s why I have been making a conscious effort to complete a few useless tasks a week despite the fact that my brain really doesn’t want to accept it. By useless, I mean an activity that has absolutely no productive outcome.

I challenge all of you to complete a useless task this week. Spend a couple hours on a puzzle, only to destroy it at the end. Play monopoly with friends. Go out for a solo coffee and read the newspaper. Have a nap. Go see a movie and treat your tastebuds to delicious buttery popcorn. The list is endless, and of course it is different for all of us. Whatever you find comfort in, make sure it helps you switch off and recharge.

Pouring energy into something meaningless is beneficial for my headspace. I hope you find a sense of peace in the experience, too.

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