Squashing the Idea of the Dream Job

I recently read Sascha’s blog post on ‘The Problem of Dreaming Big, and I have some musings of my own I’d like to share.

I too have been spoon fed the idea that we should dream big for our future. I can be whatever I want to be! I can make great changes! I can score my dream job and be happy forever!

As I grow older (and obviously wiser, duh), I grapple with the fact that life isn’t as simple you think it will be as a child. I change my mind all the time, and my hobbies shift constantly. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go back in time and see myself again as a 17-year-old, because that person is so different to who I am now.

So, why should we keep pushing for our dream job when it might not necessarily be that as time goes on?

It’s human nature to have goals, of course, but why should we make them so hard to reach, and at the risk of our wellbeing?

The truth is that I’m okay with a ‘mediocre’ life. All I want is to go home at a reasonable time every night, make dinner, and hang out with my future dog. I hope a job adds value and purpose to my life. I hope I work with people who inspire me and make me feel valued. That sounds like a goal I can reach for.

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