Where to Live ?

As 2019 draws to a close, and I’m as unorganised as ever, I rapidly need to decide on where I’m going to live. Everyone is different, but there are a few key things I want in my accommodation.

Close to the city

Unfortunately, the rent is more expensive the closure to the city you are. What makes this further challenging is rental prices. An article from the ABC uncovered that renting in Adelaide is the second most expensive of all the capital cities, with first place going to Hobart. However, I know that living out of the city incurs further expenses like transport and loss of time and access to city events and facilities (I love the central market), and I lose a lot of motivation towards going to university lectures and getting out of bed.


I love cooking, so a spacious, decent kitchen is up on my list of top things I look for in accommodation. I’ve looked at a couple places with good kitchens, but they often lack something, be that an oven or adequate bench space. Food is dang important for me in my life, so a decent kitchen is a must.


Accommodation is an excellent avenue to make friendships and form bonds. The social aspects of particular accommodation is very important to me. Some forms of accommodation promote socialisation and some seem to restrict it, and it’s just dumb luck as to whether or not you meet good people.


I love space, green, and a garden where I live. I’m probably indulged, but I’ve always lived in areas with lots of space and green. Accommodation that allows me to garden is a huge bonus.

One other key struggle is finding a place, especially one with these criteria. I’ve been scrolling through the university website, private rentals, and facebook, and I have found a fair few decent properties, but I’m still unsure. Are there other or better places to search? What are some important things you want in accommodation? Is a bed all you need? Has anyone got any advice or tips? Comment on this post with your must-haves in accommodation and tips for finding good accommodation, and we’ll revisit it next week.

Cheerio until then!

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