A Blocked Ear

This might not seem like that big of a deal (it’s really not), but my right ear is currently blocked. I’m assuming it is blocked by a build-up of wax (yum, I know), and that with the help of some ear drops I should be back to full function hearing very soon.

In the meantime, I am gaining a newfound appreciation for people who go through life with even some degree of hearing impairment, let alone someone with little to no hearing.

I hate being in social situations where I am not comfortable or cannot easily assess those intangible things like the ‘vibe’, the emotional signals people are giving off, or hear and see exactly what is going on. Last night, as I was playing social volleyball with my friends, I could barely follow what was going on, so disorientated as I was by being unable to clearly hear my teammates or the umpire’s whistle.

I know this sensation will pass, but in the meantime I guess I am grateful for gaining a better, if not anywhere close to full, understanding of what life is like for many people with hearing impairment.

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