A Shout-Out to the Instagram World

I often wonder how I would spend my free time without Instagram. What could I accomplish in a day without multiple breaks scrolling through my feed? Who could I be in my personal life without having scanning eyes on it all the time? Should I take a break? Or, should I stop feeling guilty about spending so much time in an alternate universe?

Maybe I don’t want to get rid of Instagram at all. Maybe I’m constantly fed the idea that social media is bad. In a sense, I agree that Instagram can be bad for our mental health, relationships, and self-esteem. Despite this, I wish we could stop and consider how we have benefited from Instagram.

The truth is, Instagram taps into a different side of me. It’s an outlet through I can choose to make whatever I want it to be. I find people all across the world that resonate with my hobbies. Faceless people I am able to talk to about plants, art, and food. I also get an insight into people who are studying the same degree as I am. I can follow the daily musings of journalists, and I get a tiny insight into their personal and working life.

Instagram excites me.

It is more than an app. It is creativity, self-expression, and a safe space for me to showcase my ideas.

[Editor’s Note: shameless plug, but did you know Student Health & Wellbeing has an Instagram account run by students? You should check it out! – Ben]

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