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Deleting Tinder

As any single person can tell you, Tinder is a toxic hell-hole full of shirtless selfies and vanity. You swipe left or right based solely on looks (and maybe a wittily crafted bio, but let’s be honest, it’s rarely that important). It can provide validation (wow! That hot person matched with me, I must be […]

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Quitting Social Media Apps

One day about a month ago, I got a bit angry at myself not being productivity on my assignments but kept rolling the social media apps, so I deleted them all. It feels like deleting a parallel world.

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Apps for Everyday Life

I love apps. I love anything that professes to change your life, or improve your quality of living, or help you manage your finances. Apps tend to become a source of procrastination for me, which means you can often find me purging my phone of the more useless, time-wasting ones. Other than the general life-savers, […]

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Free Apps for Students

Who likes free things? We all like free things! Here are some apps you can download for free.

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