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A Little Beach Holiday

I recently went on a two-night beach holiday with a couple of friends. Even though it was only a short holiday, I felt so relaxed and happy by the end of it. What is it about little holidays like this that is so good for my mental health?

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Goal: Learn to Surf

Once University is over for the semester, I always get a burst of energy to make plans and set goals for the summer. This year, one of my goals for this summer is to learn to surf.

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Happy Place (Or Its Memory)

In a scene from season one of Mad Men, a client tells Don Draper that the Greeks have two meanings for ‘utopia’: ‘eu-topos’, the good place, and ‘u-topos’, the place that cannot be. I think the idea of a ‘happy place’ is about as close a proximation to these dual meanings as we might get. […]

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