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Finishing University

In my last exam, I was preoccupied with answering all the questions and trying to fit an entire semester’s worth of learning into my answers. My hand was sore from writing so many words. My notes were arranged in a disorganised mess all around me. I finished the final question and looked up. Time was […]

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I had a nice little routine going with my haircut. I’d go in to the same place, get the same thing, and get out. Four at the sides, a little bit longer on top. Everything was fine, except then I decided to go somewhere different…

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The Butterfly Effect

In 1963, Edward Lorenz, a mathematician and meteorologist, discovered that a minute alteration in any aspect his calculations, such as humidity or temperature, could completely change the outcome of weather forecast prediction for the next two months. Thus began the idea of Chaos theory, which has been described in Good Omens, a novel by Terry […]

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Growing Pains

We change a lot in our lifetimes. Whether it is physically changing or mentally, we are in a constant state of transformation. Some periods of growth are longer, less painful, and more subtle. Others, however, can occur rapidly, painfully, and very obviously.

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Taking Care of Yourself is Hard

After having someone watch over you, take care of you, and guide you through adolescence, it can be hard to learn how to take care of yourself as an adult. You are left to make your own decisions, figure out all your own issues, get your work done, and stay healthy on top of that. […]

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Changing Paths

I have always known what I wanted to do after school. I have had my life planned out from the moment I finished grade nine; I was going to get a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature (which is what I’m in now), and then I would get my Masters in Library and Information […]

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Lab Coat

One great thing about open electives is the ability to experience different fields. This semester, I’ve decided to broaden my knowledge by doing a human biology subject.¬†As part of this, I have to buy a lab coat. This is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done! Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.

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