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Underrated Luxuries

A few weeks ago, Annabelle wrote a post about appreciating the underrated luxuries in life. I really needed the reminder to stop and appreciate the little things. So often we are focused on always moving forward that we forget that life is happening right now. It reminded me of one of my favourite films, About […]

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Dealing with Uncertainty

There are many times in life when things are uncertain. This can be particularly pronounced during periods of transition. The one that most readily springs to mind for me is the transition that most of us go through as we finish up our university study and move on to new, (hopefully) greener, pastures.

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Out There: What I Have

I spend a lot of time thinking about all the opportunities I’m missing out on and the things I’m not doing. I don’t always turn my mind to the things I already have going on in my life. It turns out that one of the most out there things I can do is just to put […]

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Practicing Mindfulness

Every time I go to my psychologist, she asks if I’ve started ‘practicing mindfulness’. Spoiler: every time my answer is no. I’ve intended to. I’ve downloaded a mindfulness app. But I haven’t followed through. I’ve even put off writing this blog post because I can hardly give advice on something I’m not doing, can I? […]

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