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A Little Beach Holiday

I recently went on a two-night beach holiday with a couple of friends. Even though it was only a short holiday, I felt so relaxed and happy by the end of it. What is it about little holidays like this that is so good for my mental health?

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Self-Care for Exam Season

In the depths of SWOTVAC, there’s no time to take an Eat-Pray-Love style self-discovery trip. In fact, you might think there’s barely even enough time to cook yourself dinner, sleep, or catch up with a friend. It is important to be well-prepared for a test, and you should be proud of the fact that you’re […]

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Relax For a Moment

Assessment period is just… man, I think you have to live through uni assessment periods to understand it. There’s this tired intensity I’ve never experienced anywhere else. Anyway, if you’re feeling that stressed out zombie-ness, check out these relaxing tunes I hunted down for you!

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