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Finding the Light

Yesterday, as the train pulled into the station and I began my journey, I noticed how much brighter the leaves on the trees looked. How the cherry blossoms were beginning to flower, a pink beacon upon the fences of some lucky dwellers. Then I noticed something I else.

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Crackling Embers

I am pretty sure I’ve built a fire before. I’m pretty sure it was part of my induction as a member of the Marine Biological Society when I was an undergraduate student. After months of skin diving skills training in the pool and in the ocean, an applicant also has to pass a weekend camping […]

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Winter in the City

Here are some winter activities to get you out and about in the city in July.

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Staying Warm

For me, there is nothing worse than being cold and not being able to get warm. When my apartment is cold, I feel the chill all the way to my bones. I’m even known to get so cold that my partner will think I’m cold-blooded. So, as the temperature drops, I’ve been thinking up ways […]

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Winter warmers

It feels like winter has just suddenly arrived! The rain is such a welcome relief for the plants, the farms, and the reservoirs. Having said that, I have forgotten the adjustment it takes to get used to the frosty mornings and the shorter days.

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Cosy Winter Flicks

Let’s set the scene: it’s a Sunday afternoon in the dead of July, the fire’s crackling, and you’ve curled up on the couch with a steaming mug of hot chocolate (decadently topped with more mini-marshmallows than it can hold), tucked underneath the warmth of a giant duvet. Outside, the rain hails down, icy winds frosting […]

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Why I Hate Winter

I hate cold weather. It’s a bold statement, but it’s true. It’s April now, and summer is becoming a vague memory (although as I write this it’s 33 degrees outside). Wandering down North Terrace the other day, I noticed the leaves on the trees were wilting, turning brown, and dropping as I walked beneath them. […]

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Winter is wonderful!

Winter is Coming, and I could not be happier. I love being able to snuggle up in a good blanket with a hot cup of tea, playing a game or reading a book (even if it is a textbook).

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Summer Approaches…

Ask me to run errands while it’s rainy, wet, and 10 degrees outside and I’m more than happy to. Ask the same of me when it’s 30 degrees or higher and you honestly probably won’t even find me. I’ll be holed up somewhere with air conditioning, pretending it’s still winter.

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Winter Warmer: Mulled Wine

Mulled wine and winter go hand in hand. When I went to the UK in December 2011, the Christmas Markets were out in force and without fail, mulled wine was available everywhere. It takes a personal winter favourite (red wine) and enhances it tenfold. The only thing better than drinking it while strolling around a […]

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