Contemporary Issues in Wine Business

Ulrich's Contemporary Issues in Wine Business Class 2015

Professor Orth with his Summer 2015 Class

Visiting lecturer and part-time faculty, Professor Ulrich Orth, from Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany, explored current issues of interest to the wine industry with his students in the course at the University of Adelaide Business School: Integrated Wine Brand Management. The multi-cultural class shared insights into how to craft a comprehensive wine brand concept to adapt to changing industry landscape, increase international competitiveness and understand how consumers form preferences and develop buying habits. Students are currently working on their final group reports. Topics include detailing a brand’s essence, understanding how to build profitable and enduring brand-consumer relationships, the roles of package design and brandscapes, setting a price, and the overall importance of crafting a well-rounded concept for successfully marketing wine brands to target audiences. Stay tuned for results from their student-led group research.


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